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can i run it?

Level 3
can i run oculus rift on that computer?
I7 6700
gtx 1060 6gb
z170x gaming 5 16g ram 


Level 8
Yes , you might need to upgrade your usb ports. You will need 3 USb ports. I use 3.0 but some 2.0 work as well 
Oculus has a compatibility tool found on the main site near the bottom of the web page 
Sorry I meant update usb drivers not upgrade ports

Level 9
You are good to go. And that motherboard has plenty of rear panel USB's, though I have found spreading USB's across front and rear panel to be helpful for system stability on several different systems. This is due to the high power draw of the headset.

Level 8
As the others said, your system should be fine.  I also have a GTX1060 (6Gb) and have no problems though you may be limited a bit in supersampling options with resource heavy games.

I agree that spreading around the Oculus devices to different USB controllers can help with stability.

My configuration:
Left front sensor - USB3 port on the front of the case
Right front sensor - USB3 with active extension on the 4 port Inateck USB3 card
HMD - also on the Inateck card
Rear sensor - USB2 passive extension cable on a rear USB2 port

No issues with this setup so far.