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device hardware issue

Level 2

hi ,

ive recently purchased quest 2 and it keeps saying you have a hardware issue and cant use vr.

i have the anker cable but also the original oculus cable with attachment from usb c to usb3 as i dont have

usb c on my pc. ive a ryzen 7 with 2060 super and 32g memory. 

i mainly play dcs which crashed every time before completing start up and i managed to play Arizona sunshine

once before hardware issue came up. ive tried using airlink but same issue arrises. any help is appreciated.


Level 2

meant to add ive had rift s for two years with no issues until cable got squished hence the upgrade to quest 2

Let's get you back in VR, friend! We appreciate you providing us all of the information listed above. So our team of experts can look into your device hardware error message  issue more in-depth we'll be needing your Oculus Logs. 


To get Oculus Logs:

  1. Please connect your Oculus device to your computer
  2. Find your Oculus installation directory (Generally this will be located at 'C:\Program Files\Oculus')
  3. Navigate to Support and then oculus-diagnostics
  4. Double-click OculusLogGatherer and wait for an executable to appear
  5. Select Get All Logs
  6. This will create a .zip file on your desktop. Please attach that zip file to your support ticket

Once complete, please send the zip file to our support team with further details about your situation. They'd be more than happy to help guide you towards a solution.