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dk2 - ghosting and lens reflections

Level 5
Hi, first of all I just want to express how exiting it is to be able to muck around with DK2 at last. I was up late last night but was still very excited to get up again this morning just to go into to the tuscany demo and experience that remarkable tracking, low persistence and vibrant screen. 🙂 Awesome stuff team Oculus!

But this post is about two issues that I am seeing that I am sure you are probably aware of already. Also because of the hardware nature of them I don't expect you to be able to do anything about it necessarily.
But it still might be useful for you to know what people feel are issues and what things they are not so bothered by.
For me these are pretty annoying on certain style scenes and gets in-between you as a viewer and the world you are in. Breaking the illusion of you being fully immersed. I just want to highlight them so they get attention for the eventual CV1. 🙂

I have a simple unity scene that demonstrates these.

1. Object Ghosting
Not sure what causes this but seems to be some kind of pixel color switching time that creates a ghosting of objects as you turn your head. If you look at the spheres and swing your head left and right you'll see the ghosting I am talking about. And not just over the black background but also over the grey ground.
I noticed this as I was going to do a test on color values for the 'black smear'. That darkest sphere has color (5,5,5).
This is not as noticeable in more complex and textured scenes but is clearly visible in other peoples demos too like for example the recently released 'ArchiVision' one.

2. Lens internal reflection, off-eye double reflection.
I saw a post on reddit about this a little while ago and I think this is what they mentioned.
You can see some greyish cloudy blobs that move around as you move your head. The look like greasy smudges but are clearly an optical effect of some kind.
It mostly seems to be visible when you have brighter and darker areas in your view.
A guess would be that it is either the bright light from the bright areas of the screen somehow reflecting off your eyeballs, onto the lens and then back again to be seen by you.
Or maybe some kind of internal lens thing, like a kind of lens flare effect.
I have no idea.