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error with link

Level 3

So i was playing some steam games with oculus link and everything was fine . After a while it started to freeze and lag, But it was normal so i have got used to it . When got frozen for a little to long I unplugged the link cable and and connected it back again. but this time no messages of link. It was like the cable was not plugged in. So i restarted my headset but still nothing showed up. I opened the oculus app on my PC and it showed that it was connected but there was a general device problem . Is there a solution to this? or is my headset broken?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your recent experience with Oculus Link, seems your headset is having some trouble connecting to your PC. We can try to correct this by performing a simple reboot of both devices. Still not able to connect? Go ahead and repair your Oculus App on PC to isolate this issue to your headset, follow these steps here on how to fix the Oculus Home app on PC. If after attempting to repair the software you still cannot connect make sure there is no damage to your cable and reseat it when attempting to connect once more.


Still, having trouble? We got your back, send us a support ticket with some additional information about your setup, like what kind of Link cable are you using? Do you know if your computer meets the minimum requirements to run Oculus Link as listed here? And what version of Windows you are running? This will help us look for a solution and get you back into PCVR 👍🏻‍.