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Level 2
Good day
I come to you with an unusual question. Someone hacked my Facebook and shared pornography on my profile. ( I do not understand why ). Facebook deactivated my account and unfortunately it cannot be saved. Even though I sent a photo of my driver's license there. So the next day they wrote me back that it was the last decision and nothing could be done about it. The bad thing is that I have two company pages linked to my personal account that I cannot manage. Is there anything else that can be done about it? Thank you very much for the information.

Level 2

Same EXACT thing happened to me. The problem is there's nobody at actual Facebook to TALK TO or even message with. My account had logins from Vietnam then the password was changed then the posts started and they disabled it... I sent in my ID and they instantly said they won't enable my account again and decision is final... Like what is that??? I'm the victim so I get punished??? Have you had any luck getting your account back?

Happened to me today 15 years with this account.... I feel so violated... I dont even know what was posted no one told me bad stuff was on my account. My only issue is The hacker was in a place not where i live nor with the phone I have. It's certainly disheartening....

All my contacts I've acquired over the years just gone....