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found out something about the replacement thing

Level 4

oculus if yall can help on this is will be awesome and im pretty sure it will work, there a app called uptodown, and it lets u download apps before it was updated and stuff, i flet like this would work but yall made it to that u can use the app and you HAVE to use the new one yall so down bad atm smh, you know what would be good tho JUST REVERSE THE UPDATE, its not that hard it was better when it was just facebook login, can yall like give use a download to the pass update also can yall fix the error that says my headset is already linked to a account like come on yall should be good to fix this like how after 3 weeks yall can and then when someone be like we fixed it yall wanna be like "yayyyy" like yall arent the custom???!! we are but yall making it feel like yall dont know your product that yall made. this is so sad people shouldn't need to download stuff from a GOOGLE DRIVE this is sad