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headset wont power on past oculus/meta/facebook logo

Level 4

hello im harry and i own a 128gb quest 2 i've had it since christmas and have had to replace my right controller due to it not powering on after getting the replacement in February all's been well until recently (except for my left controller beginning to become inconsistently tracked) when i was chilling watching youtube vr at 10 percent battery when i had to come off for the night so i set my headset down on. my bedside table like i usually do without thinking to power it off and now it refuses to boot back up even after installing updates via adb multiple resets , reinstalls and also resets via fastboot and recovery mode (android recovery mode not oculus boot loader) respectively still to no avail at one point i left my headset plugged in for all afternoon and it still wouldn't pass the meta logo at start and after contacting support it looks like i'll have to return my quest yet again due to metas lackluster quality control


(for anyone wondering how to access fastboot and recovery you need a pc or mac with adb drivers step one is to boot it into the bootloader power+vol down then use the volume keys to select sideload update then in adb type adb reboot fastboot and from there you can select recovery mode to access android's recovery mode with much more data than others)


though when it powers on it shows this image with a progress bar and when. it fills up it restarts to the oculus/meta logo and just hangs there (also sorry for the cat hair on my lens lol)20220305_214551.jpg


Level 13

its updating, plug it in and leave it alone till its complete.

i have all day basicly

like i said it "updates " and than hangs on said screen 

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Did it ever load up all the way? Ive had 3 headsets stuck on the strobing O logo now. Nothing would get it past that. Its so random when it happens. Was playing bs the other day, took a 10 minute break, came back.. pulsing O logo. Let it go over night, woke up to the same thing. Reset would bring this load bar up, but never get me any further. 

not yet its still stuck for me 😞

I’m having the same trouble, I’ve contacted support and they have all my information but am still waiting for an answer 

Level 2

Exact same thing is happening to me.  Won't get off meta logo screan. Hard reboot shows the reboot chip then back to the meta logo screen. Kept it on the charger for a full day still not working. 


Greetings! Please allow us to assist you with this and get you back into gaming. We understand how this can raise concerns, but we assure you we'll get you back on track. We'd recommend that you head over to our support site ( ) and submit a support ticket. An agent will work with you directly on resolving this matter and providing you with the best possible troubleshooting steps. We're here to help! 

Level 2

i have the exact same problem. requested a service ticket and that was a fat load of bull**bleep** too.

fortunately i bought insurance on it and theyll replace it otherwise id be stuck with a $400 brick.