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how long warranty is valid ?

Level 5
I'm currently experiencing problem* with my rift and I'm wondering if my warranty still valid. How long is it valid ?

1 year from
 - date buyed ?
 - date received ?
 - date ticket opened ?
 - date received second rift ?

i'm in Canada and 

Buyed and received my rift june 2016,
opened ticket July 9th 2016 for hdmi connection issue,
finaly received new rift around August 23.2016
opened new ticket today July 12 2017


Problem experienced :

* No image, light stay orange.
Device manager : Unknown USB Device(Device Descriptor Request Failed).
When i plug usb :
USB device not recognized
The last USB device you connected to 
this computer malfunctioned, and 
windows does not recognize it.

if i change the cable for the one they have shipped me last year to test if the problem come from it :
No image, light stay orange,Oculus software detect the Rift USB but say the hdmi isn't connected. and if i wiggle the cable on the headset it disconnect.(all others test was made before the wire(rollback video driver, system restore, uninstall usb driver, restart oculus and pc ...))

Level 5
@cybereality ?

Level 15
The warranty is usually 1 year (though it can be 2 years in some areas, like in the EU) and is from your purchase date. Getting a replacement does not reset the warranty, it is still tracked from the original purchase. However, you should submit a support ticket (if you haven't already) because there may still be something we can do to help. Thanks.
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