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how to use my quest 2 without facebook?

Level 3

question in title. even found a youtube video saying you can link a facebook account and then ask support to unlink it so you can log in with your occulus account. 

but I don't wanna create/log in with a facebook account in the first place. so how/when do I use my new Quest 2 without a facebook account?!


Wait until Meta accounts are released (sometime this month, hopefully) and hope they are significantly different from Facebook accounts.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

August is upon us, so Meta accounts will be hopefully be upon us very soon. 😁

Now you're playing with power...SUPER power!

well can't they do any better than some time this month?! like my boss/customers would chew my ass up if I told them the work would be done  "sometime this month" XD granted I'm not a billion dollar company but still... XD


in any case after staring at the quest 2 sitting there unused for a few hours I caved and just used an old facebook account. I'll just decouple it when they do get around to launching meta accounts.... (guess you got me Zuck XD)