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issues with account store across all devices/apps

Level 4

Somehow i cant access my purchases or store in one of my devices or the mobile app or the computer app or the webiste. in some places like the oculus computer app or within the headset seems like there is no internet ( altough it works) and in some other places like the website when i try to access the stores or my purchases i get GraphQL server responded with error 1675004: Unknown error . do i really lost everything and ended up with 5 paperweight devices and lost of hundrers in software?


Level 7

I have the same problem: GraphQL error 1675004, with the same behavior you describe.  Oculus desktop app says I'm not connected to internet (but I am), in-VR Quest store says there's nothing here, can't access while logged in, can't access while logged in, etc.

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Level 4

did you managed to solve it? for me it went away back then but now is back again and this time even worse . support is ignoring me as usual

1675004 seems to be a facebook error that is returned when facebook blocks your account for a certain duration due to 'suspicious behaviour'. No idea what that means in particular, but I seem to get locked out of the developer dashboard when I login to it from multiple computers.