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joystick problems

Level 2

hi i have bin having trouble with my joysticks i have looked all over social media and i cant seem to find a problem similar to mine i think its joy stick drift but i am not sure i have cleaned the joysticks so there is nothing in them thats causing this problem

 this is the vid i took in the calibration menu i am doing circle motions with the joysticks but they are glitching and im at a los


the methods ive tried is updating it, unpair my controllers and clean them with compressed air and the last thing i have done is factory reset my headset 


please help thanks 🙂 


ps. i really want to fix them because new ones are expensive 



There is more to life than social media! This forum and Reddit discuss the drift issue almost daily.


Cleaning with compressed air tends to be the least effective method. Electrical contact cleaner works better but any sort of cleaning can only be done a certain number of times before the wear in the joystick modules becomes uncleanable. The permanent (well until they wear out again) fix is to replace the joystick module completely. Kits including tools are available for a few pounds / dollars from AliExpress and you can use a stripdown guide like the one here to show you how to get at it. It's fiddly but requires no soldering - just the right tools and paying attention to what you are doing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, we can certainly see how controller drift issues can be toxic! 🙂 We completely understand the frustration, so we've got some troubleshooting you can try!


  • Remove the batteries from your controllers for at least 10 minutes, then replace with new batteries.
  • Un-pair and re-pair your controllers in the mobile app.
  • Clean your controllers, focusing on the joystick area, using the approved cleaning method.
  • Increase the dead zones of the controllers.
    • Go to Settings
    • Go to Controller Settings
    • Under Joystick Deadzone and Range, select the joystick which is having issue
    • Follow on-screen instructions to recalibrate the joysticks deadzones

If you're still having issues with drift after that, go ahead and submit a ticket so the Support Team can see if there's any advanced troubleshooting, and look into possible options!