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left controller acting up

Level 2

when i move the joystick up it basiclly makes it go back in the center and in a game it will will make me stop and move and just do that, help please, text me for video 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We understand how annoying a drifting controller can be, and no controller should have a mind of it's own. Let's have you try some troubleshooting steps for your left controller analog stick drifting:


  • Remove the batteries for at least 2 minutes before attempting to use them again. Or replace with fresh batteries. You'd be surprised how often this can make a difference. 
  • Increase the dead zones of the controller until the drift is no longer an issue/noticeable. 
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Controller Settings
  3. Under Joystick Deadzone and Range, select the joystick which is having issue
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to recalibrate the joysticks deadzones

When powering on your controllers, ensure that the Analog sticks aren't being held in any direction and are at rest in the neutral position.​ If you continue to have issues with the controller, please contact our amazing support team for more assistance!