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oculus go wont turn or charge

Level 2

my oculus go was dead for about 2 weeks and some days when I tried to power it on it was not charging I tried another cable and still nothing even though the cable I tried worked on something else. I left it on the charger for 30 mins and still nothing.

I pressed the power button for 25 seconds and nothing, I tried to factory reset it and held down the power and vol down button and nothing also.

I'm stuck idk what to do now 


Community Manager
Community Manager

The Oculus Go was an important stepping stone in the lifecycle of not only Oculus but VR as a whole. It brought to life a new world for millions of people, and introduced them to what VR was, and could be.


Thank you for being an early adopter of this new reality, and for taking this journey with us for so long. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and our focus has since shifted to ensure that we can keep focusing on pushing what is possible in VR.


While support for the Oculus Go has ended, we hope you can still find plenty of experiences, wonder and fun, and hope to to see you in the Metaverse again soon.

Level 2

Did you ever get yours to come on or charge I'm having the same issue

So what you're saying is for all of us that have an Oculus go pretty much just screwed we spent the money on your product and now you're telling us you won't help us fix it promise you I'll never buy anything from meta again blocking all meta features sites and we'll be riding reviews about how you guys just abandon your consumers