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oculus quest 2 link keeps crashing

Level 2
hello i got the new quest 2 for Christmas and bought the link cable so i can play vr games on steam but within like 10 minutes of playing i get a steamvr error saying its lost connection to display through my oculus link cable and just stays on a black screen i can hear the game but i cant do anything and have to reset its super annoying and i cant seem to find a fix anywhere! also i hear alot about well the link is in beta and doesn't work all the time but my friend bought one the exact same time and bought a cheap usb cable for his quest and he hasn't had one single problem!

Level 2
I'm having a similar issue where when I go to start up the link to my pc through my headset it just goes black sends me back home goes black again and then a thing shows up saying the oculus link has stopped working and I have found no fixes for this issue and oculus support has been completely useless and hasn't helped me at all through this issue and I'm probably going to have to return my headset. 4 out of the seven games I bought cant even be ported over to pc through my account which basically means oculus screwed me out of 70 $ in games and made me buy two different link cables including both the cables they recommended outside of there branded cable which was another 40$ down the drain and oculus as a whole could care less about me losing money because it went into there pockets regardless.if there is a fix for my problem feel free to comment on the fix cause I've tried everything from factory resetting my headset to buying different link cables to updating every driver and software that could possibly help run VR on my computer to repairing the Oculus PC app software which I think is the main problem here because it keeps starting up and has a banner on the home screen saying my version of windows will no longer be supported in January of 2021 but I have the latest windows (windows 10 pro) and am fully up to date on updates for it so I just wanna know why my stuff isn't working there should be no problems. @steamvr @OculusSupport

Level 13
first do you have the hardware to run link?

Before you cry foul to oculus, do some due diligence
Check your computer against the specs listed in link above.  If your computer does not have a supported card/cpu don't try to rationilze.

Then ensure drivers are up to date

Clean Install the oculus app
Clean install of steam and steam vr

A factory reset of the headset won't do much

also some usb ports on the motherboard are not stable enough for link.

Level 2

Anyone who has a 11th gen intel core, and your link is crashing. i found this on reddit. SKYLOOORD done all the work to figure this out on reddit and it worked for me!!

right click on my pc. then properties.

Then right-hand side "advanced system settings"

On the Advanced tab choose Environment Variables

In THE SECOND window click NEW

Enter name


Enter value


Then click OK