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passthrough transition is bad


as of recent, the transition from passthrough to app and vice versa became nothing. and back to app just has flashing on the ground. outside of apps its fine


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey hey @Darrylboio! I'm a little bit confused about what you say is happening when transitioning to and from passthrough. Would you be able to share a video or screenshots of what's going on so we can better understand what you're seeing? That'll help me (and anyone else who sees this) figure out what we can do to help.

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hey! thanks for coming by. but unfortunately i could not record a video of the issue, as the clip only had audio and no video. i think that's another bug to address i guess.

Is it by chance what others are reporting with passthrough here?

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No, but that there's more issues with V62 is concerning.

I also tried to use the report bug feature but noticed the only things visible in the image taken for the report is just the UI, and not the game in the background. So i feel like V62 Is just very buggy right now.

So i'll tell what the bug is in more detail.


When transitioning from game to passthrough you'd expect a smooth transition where the game fades away from the top to bottom, like in the home enviroment.

But instead, it just plays the sound, no animation plays and then passthrough just pops in.

But going back to the game with passthrough off will cause flickering of the real world and game at the bottom before passthrough just poofs.

I hope that helps

Thank you for providing more detail!

In regards to switching to passthrough not being a smooth experience, I would suggest posting your feedback on this feature on the Ideas board. That's where suggestions and feedback like this get traction and attention by the teams that are always looking for ways to improve the user experience.

As for not being able to record your video, that is something I would suggest using the report a bug feature for. Even if it doesn't fully capture your view, it still will send other helpful information that can be used.

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this isn't a idea though, this post was intended as a bug report.

The Ideas board is actually used for feedback and suggestions in addition to ideas!

That being said, if you're looking to submit a bug report, you'll need to do that on your headset. Like I said before, even if the image captured isn't showing the issue itself, it will still provide helpful info to the team that gets the reports. I'd suggest putting in as much detail as you can into the report as well!

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ah, appolocheese. i'll get to reporting the bug when i can. thanks


however, about the recording issue. is that a known issue?

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