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payment failure

Level 2

i keep getting a "Payment Failure" pop up after trying to buy a game, it says my payment method was declined and wants me to update it or use a different payment method. im confused and i dont know how to solve this


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Pinhead245!


We appreciate the time you've taken to submit a post. Let's get you back in the virtual world as soon as possible. In order for us to be better able to help you, please submit a support ticket here:


We look forward to getting you back in peak gaming condition!

Level 2

You can go on the oculus mobile app and update your credit card or other means of purchase. Just open the app on your phone go to settings and click payment methods and you're good to go my dude. Hope that helps. 

Retired Support

You may want to try reaching out and submitting a support ticket like @MetaQuestSupport said above. The support staff have the tools to fix payment issues like these pretty easily. Hope this helps!

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