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pending hardware issues

Level 2

im having pending hardware issues playing echo vr. It starts up and i get to lobby then black screens and says 'i have a pending hardware issue. make sure your headset is plugged in.' i used to play echo vr all the time, about a year ago this started. I think it has to do with oculus  fighting with my pc because its always been glitchy and always giving me a hard time. I just want this rift s to work smooth for once. please help!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @deadbeat720. We see you're receiving an error message that is hindering your ability to get into Echo VR and can understand how troublesome this may be. We'd like to help with this issue. Typically, when this happens, there are drivers that need to be updated. Click here for steps to update your drivers. 


Also, just so we can better understand your environment a little better, can you let us know the following:

  • When was the last time you updated your systems.
  • Are you still on Windows 10 or 11?
  • Are you running low on storage or memory?

Hope the link was helpful and we'll be waiting to hear from you soon!

My system is upgraded. I'm currently using Windows 10. My USB port always having problems. I've struggled with Oculus from day one. Steam VR games don't run either.

Hey again, @deadbeat720! We see you are still having issues after doing the updates. So that this can get resolved go ahead and follow this link here, to our amazing support team. They will hopefully get this knocked out for you!