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permanently suspended Oculus quest 2

Level 2

Got my headset 3 weeks ago now played it once, was playing contractors with my friend I didn't know how to change gun etc so I used my knife and went positive somehow and then lagged out of the game and just turned it off and went to bed.when I got home the next day to play got an email saying Ive been permanently suspended without telling me why or any form on contact. I respected all the guide lines and kept to myself. Honestly just depressed over this now I saved up for 5 months to buy this thing just for this to happen and I can't access my Facebook account either I've had that for long time now it's gone somebody please help me I've no idea what to do, I tried making new account got banned straight away what did I even do wrong 😭😭😭


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, LordVader666. Welcome to the Meta family! We hate to hear that you're not able to play your device and understand how difficult this situation can be. If your Facebook account has been locked or disabled, then we suggest you contact the Facebook Help Center to do so. When trying to play on the headset, does it say you're suspended as well?