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quest 1 controllers stick drift


I have a Quest 1 and the controller stick drift is so bad, I can hardly complete the calibration circle to get to the page to widen the deadzone. I've tried cleaning it, removing batteries, neither of which helped, and I really don't want to take it apart. I'm not even sure Quest One controllers are even for sale anymore, and if I were to buy used, they're just as likely to have stick drift.


Also, why does this website act as if the Quest 1 never existed? I can't even tag it as an "associated product" for this post...!


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idk if you're even allowed to post links here. Meta dragged me along as they failed to realize my headset was out of warranty, then proceeded to offer me to buy new controllers for $50 (unavailable from any store without sending in your old ones).

Instead, I spent $20 to get a screwdriver kit from ifixit that will continue to come in handy, then followed these three disassembly videos. It was very difficult, but I am here to tell you it WORKED and my stick drift is GONE!

Each video has a different quality and amount of detail and warnings about fragility hazards. I was basically switching between all three as I worked.

best of luck

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I'm afraid you've explored all the options you are prepared to try. All you have left is replacing the joystick modules, which requires disassembly, or buying used controllers from ebay.

Since the controlers are currently unusable, why don't you want to disassemble them? They won't be any worse afterwards, could be better, and there are plenty of parts, videos and guides on the internet.

fair point! I still need to get a T5 screwdriver before I can start, but it will be tedious, so I'm still in the Bargaining phase of this grief. And while buying such a screwdriver would be a good investment in general, I'd rather focus on guaranteed successful solutions.
And I don't personally get VR-sickness, so it doesn't make me nauseous when my character spontaneously moves around or looks around uncontrollably. But I always want to share VR experiences with friends, and yeah this would absolutely ruin someone's experience of VR. And it does make platforming forme near impossible.

I'm wondering if the Meta team has officially addressed the issue of stick drift, since so many controller suffer from it.

The joystick module appears to be common across all Quest controllers, and some other devices like the Nintendo Switch. It's cheap, standard and presumably easy to incorporate into devices. What it doesn't appear to be is particularly robust and there is nothing Meta can do about that without completely redesigning the controllers to use a different joystick module.

You would have hoped that the issue would be well recognised as newer controllers are being designed but Meta seem determined to stick with what they know, even if it costs them a lot in returns.

Luckily, the modules are not soldered in so they can be replaced by intrepid hobbyists with small tool sets. Kits (including the tools, at least for Q2) are widely available and Youtube (and iFixit) has done a fantastic job of democratising the repair process.

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I fixed OC2 drift by making the sensitive dead zone up to 90% "in the setting"   but the down side of that it become like keyboard button walk or run but still better because it fixed the drift, also blowing air into the thumbstick helped lots of people

HI there, @teachrobots2luv! We noticed that you're having some issues with your Quest controller having some stick drift, and we definitely know how crucial properly working controllers are when trying to enjoy a stellar VR experience. We definitely want to assist and look into this for you. In order for us to do so, we'll need to gather some account info, which is why we want to get you to PMs! Just Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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Sadly stick drift is common to the technology, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all suffer from it too. This would be fixed if the companies spent a little more and used hall effect sticks (you can buy them as replacements) but they all stick with the cheap option.


As for associated products, yeah, Meta does tend to forget about older products. You can only associate a thread with Quest 2, Quest 3 or Quest Pro, which ignores the DK1, DK2, CV1, Rift-S, Go and Quest. While the DKs are fairly dead now, the others still work fine and should be supported.


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You didn't fix your drift, you hid it at the expense of functionality. The deadzone setting was introduced to the OS as a result of drift problems. It's a way for Meta to slow the flow of returns, hopefully allowing some of them to go out of warranty cover.

Hi, I sent a PM to you four days ago, are there any updates? What sort of account info did you need from me?


OK, I messaged, chatted, emailed, chatted with support over the course of days, and after sending my info twice and getting left on read once, they finally told me my headset was out of warranty, and offered to sell the f o r b i d d e n h a r d w a r e for fifty bucks, so i'm gonna buy a T5 from ifixit instead.

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