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quest 2 General device problem

Level 2

I have a problem with my vr crashing, whenever I enter the oculus' link (via cable), it lasts for a few minutes and then it crashes and the screen is all buggy. I've already done all the compatibility tests and it's all positive.

I'm using windows 11.

and in the glasses application there is the error ´´General device problem``.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Leo.Algusto.503 We want to make sure everything is working properly and that you are maximizing the potential of virtual reality. We are excited to help you with your problem.

Let's first try to determine what kind of issue is affecting your device to check if it meets minimum requirements. To check your specifications please refer yourself to this part of our website


If this is within our requirements please make sure to check drivers and for everything to be up to date! If your still having issues please let us know.