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quest 2 keeps restarting download

Level 2

Hi, I purchased a new game for my son yesterday on release day. Since then it has been downloading but keeps restarting the download back at zero. Any fixes for this? The game is The Walking Dead: Retribution if that matters. I’ve restarted the oculus multiple times and also turned off wifi and then reconnected it. Any other suggestions would be great. My son is pretty devastated because he’s been waiting for the release for a year now 🤦🏻‍:female_sign:


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @wendiw! We definitely understand how it can feel when a game won't install correctly after waiting so long for it to be released. We'll do everything that we can to help out and get this fixed for you! Seeing as you've already tried out restarting your internet and the headset itself, let's try out a factory reset. Your son won't lose any purchases by doing this, though he will have to setup the device and login again, then he can reinstall his games. We'll list the steps for a factory reset below for your convenience:

From the Headset:

  • Power off the headset
  • Press and hold volume down & Power
  • This will boot into the USB Update Mode menu
  • Press volume button to move selection, press power button to make the selection
  • Navigate to Factory Reset and press the Power button
  • The device should now begin the Factory Reset process.

Let us know if this helps out! If it doesn't help, then you'll want to open a support ticket or live chat with our agents. They'll be able to provide some more options for you!

Level 2

The reset did not solve this issue. Everytime I interrupt the download it completely lose all progress. I am downloading Vader which is 2.7GB and I will get to about 2GB on the status bar, then it stops and resets to zero as if nothing had been downloaded. This happens over and over. It makes no sense since the game is shown to be downloading - where does that data go? How is this an issue - seems like something that all devices have figured out years ago and this Oculus device is supposed to be state of the art tech. 

Hey there @Jch2611! We see the troubleshooting provided wasn't able to help with your app download. We know how it feels waiting on games to install, we'd love to help get you in the game instead! Please reach out to our support team so we can look into additional options for you.

I started downloading Ironman vr and it got to 4 gigs and then started back at zero

Hey @goose1311.2022. Thanks for reaching out. We know download issues are pretty discouraging so we'd be happy to help.


To get some insight on your issue, can you please answer the following:

  1. How much storage do you currently have? (Please be sure you have at least double the storage for the game)
  2. What all have you tried already?
  3. Does this only happen with Iron Man VR, or other games as well?

We look forward to your update. 

Honestly ours did it over about 3 days and then just all the sudden it continued on and finished the download. We restarted the oculus numerous times but I think what may have helped was I turned off wifi, restarted the oculus and then re connected wifi again. I’m not positive but eventually after this it worked. I hope you get yours figured out, it’s super frustrating for sure.