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quest 2 overheating pro controllers

I know there's an auto suggested thread with a solution but there is no known solution at the moment. When I play beat sabre for just 15 minutes my controllers get an over heating message. Are the quest pro controllers faulty hardware? I'm thinking about sending them back if I can't use them to actually play a game


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @james.jackson.9081! We understand how inconvenient it might be to receive that constant notice, however, our engineers are working hard to have this nailed down and resolved as soon as possible.

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It’s some bull crap 

Any update on this this month?  I'm having the same issue.  For me it is mostly in Eleven Table Tennis, but that is just the game I play most often that uses controllers.  I don't notice that the controllers are particularly warm or anything.  They have only ever shut down once (costing me points in my ranking), but I get the warnings often.  It is winter and my attic play area is chilly.  One of the controllers isn't even in my hand, it is attached to a thin table tennis paddle adapter, and is much less covered than it would be by a hot sweaty hand.  Like others I see this within 15 minutes on a regular basis.  It is not great, and now that they did shut down once I fear losing more points in my eleven ranking, which while stupid, is important to me.

Hello, Jeremy We are sadden to learn that your Meta Pro controllers are overheating, but we are also grateful for your communication because we are concerned for the welfare of our users. This link will allow you to open a support ticket so that our specialists may look into your problem for you.