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quest link disconnects after about 5 minutes from the Pc (meta quest 3)

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Hello there!

As the Title says, I´m having issues with the meta quest 3 which disconnects from my pc after about 5 minutes when playing beatsaber. i haven´t tried any other game, because this my go-to vr game. I tried it with another Meta Quest 3 from my Husband, but the connection problem occured with that one too. so i can say for sure, that it´s not the headset itself. 
when this happened i tried to reconnect, which shut my quest 3 off and after it took about 20-30 seconds of holding the power button to turn it back on. i mean, it still worked, but it felt unusually long, because it normally takes just a few seconds. 

my Pc should be powerful enough to handle it, and it handled it in the past too (about a week ago when we recieved the quest3) and i also had no connection issues. my pc hadn´t have any updates since then and i can´t get behind it, why it keeps disconnecting. 


any help is appreciated.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Yikes! This is not the experience you should be having with your Meta Quest device and wanted to check up on you! Not sure if this was figured out yet?

We are all mad here.