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"Admin must unlock headset after it restarts"


Since some time I get this message each time my Quest 2 boots up, and only I (one of four users) can unlock it by drawing my unlock pattern. Now I'll travel for a week and effectively the others in my family can't use the headset if it is restarted.

How can I get back to the previous behaviour, where any of the four users of the headset can unlock it for use? I've searched for a setting but can't find any. I don't want to give unrestricted access to my account to others by revealing my unlock pattern.


I would like to add that while you refer to this issue as a security feature, it is effectively on the contrary, a vulnerability. This feature forces (or at least endorses) headset admins to reveal their unlock pattern to all users of the headset, hence giving out admin privileges to users who should be unprivileged. I'm very uneasy about this!

Honored Guest

I'm just waiting for the lawsuit as it renders the device useless for what most of us bought it for.

Wrap this in whatever flowery nonsense you like, you disabled the product without the owners consent. 


Honda could require me to call the dealer every day before my car would start as a "security" measure, it would be just as abrasive and counter-productive.  I bought a device with parental controls that my family could use.  Now I have a choice, either my kids cannot use it (because I am not perpetually at home and available) or I must give them the admin login and void ALL controls.  I no longer have a device with parental controls that my kids can use.  

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I need this fixed as well. It renders the device useless for households of several account users.


i agree it is more of a vulnerability since the master act could have payment options that if other users in household are using it instead of their own accounts (an easy mistake w having to log in more than once just to use) it could create  purchases on the master log in…. Has meta said anything other than we are basically on our own and they continue to not care about our request to allow this to be an optional feature? Ugh. 

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