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"Admin must unlock headset after it restarts"

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Since some time I get this message each time my Quest 2 boots up, and only I (one of four users) can unlock it by drawing my unlock pattern. Now I'll travel for a week and effectively the others in my family can't use the headset if it is restarted.

How can I get back to the previous behaviour, where any of the four users of the headset can unlock it for use? I've searched for a setting but can't find any. I don't want to give unrestricted access to my account to others by revealing my unlock pattern.



Same problem here. I agree this could be a useful feature in some situations but it definitely needs to be optional.

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please disable this feature.


Hey there, @Floydtrey! We see that you are reaching out because you would like a security feature disabled on your headset. We definitely understand how inconvenient this can be in some situations and we'd like to point you in the right direction in order to get your voice heard! We appreciate your opinions and suggestions and urge you to share your ideas here for any possible improvements to hardware and software. Our product teams are always on the lookout for suggestions just like yours! Please let us know if there is anything further that we may assist you with as we are always happy to help! 


OK, I created following entry: (3) Remove "Admin must unlock headset after it restart... - Meta Community Forums - 1048420 (atmeta.... 

Please, upvote it there to make it visible.

Great @pes.fik.007! I've upvoted. @Floydtrey — you too please! 🙂


Tnis is a facical feature to implement. How stupid do Meta have to be to do this?

Now my teens are unable to use their quests unless I unlock it 'every' time, hardly possible when I am at work or away on business. 

Meta -  get this fixed asap.  Additional users, which we as admind AND OWNERS OF OUR DEVICES should be able to just use it. 


Same problem here. 

Please Meta solve this since this doesn't make any sense.


Honored Guest

Same. Why does meta keep forcing these "quality of life" features to EVERYONE. What if I don't want it? too bad says meta.