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"Your Guardian System Isn't Working Right Now" Every time I start Oculus Home. &Tracking Issues

Level 7
I've been noticing this message almost every single time I start Oculus Home "Your Guardian System Isn't Working Right Now, Click here to check our support article" and it's getting really annoying. I don't know if it's because my touch controllers arn't visible when I first start Oculus Home (keep them in the original box for storage on my desk).

I usually have to click "ok and proceed without guardian". Then sometimes the guardian system works fine after anyways or works after a quick oculus home restart. I also have the height glitching up and down tracking issues depending on the game and my Oculus Touch controllers also seem to jitter around a lot when I turn and face different sensors. Maybe the issues are all connected... I have no idea. I also seem to keep hearing the sound of a device disconnecting from windows 10 lately (maybe every few hours)...possibly a sensor?

Really bummed out I haven't had the desire to play anything VR for a full week because the launch is full of soo many tracking and sensor issues...I try to jump into a game and just get sooo disappointed by tracking that I quit.



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I have the same problem. Even after installing the patches mentioned in the thread linked by Cybereality and restarting the PC. Nothing fixes it.


This is made even worse by the fact the edge of my play area looks like that...


Level 15
Try going into Settings -> Devices. Forgetting your sensors. Then click Configure Rift and do Full Setup.
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Level 2
I ran into this same issue when trying to use a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that apparently was not meant to work with the Rift. After switching to the dedicated HDMI port on my 980 Ti, this error disappeared without any need of forgetting my sensors or re-doing the setup. Just sharing my solution!