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rift s issues

Level 2

recently my rift s has stopped working, I have owned from brand new for almost a year now and the other day when trying to use it, it will get stuck on the three loading dots. I had used it just the day before and hadn't changed anything since last playing.


When I load it up , I will hear audio from the headset, but only see the three loading dots, also windows will keep reporting that its usb as 'unknown usb device link in compliance mode', and windows will keep disconnecting and reconnecting in for about 45 ish seconds. There is no longer a blue light on the from of the headset any more and the software reports there is an issue with the usb.


I have tried pretty much everything I can to fix it, e.g. updating windows, updating usb drivers, re-installing software and basically everything else that has been said to work online. I really dont want to re-install windows as I dont think that is the issue at all (as previously stated it had been working fine the days prior). I think it might be the cable but for one I highly doubt it as I try to make sure that there are no kinks in the cable, also I had a lookover at the cable and there is no physical damage to it either.


At this point in time I really want to know if its my PC or the headset, but I have no way to check as my PC is the only vr capable one in the house, I also really want to hold out on buying a new headset or cable; one because they both cost a lot and oculus doesn't even sell replacement parts for it any more, and two, it might not even be   the headset that is at fault.


I really hope this can be resolved and that there is some super random solution that fixes it,

thanks all for reading.



(Also if it is at all necessary to fixing the issue, pc specs are i5 8400, 1070, 16 gigs of ram.)