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rift s tracking

Level 3

theres a border around my display cable ports and it sometimes makes the cables loose and im having tracking issues with my rift s. was wondering if a loose display cable could be the problem or if i need to look somewhere else


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, we would love to help get you back into gaming. We would like to ask the following: 

  • When did this first occur and how long has this issue been persistent?
  • Could you please provide us with a picture of the cable and a picture of the cable seated in the port?

Having a loose display cable can also be caused for concern because this has a huge impact on the tracking as well. Please reach back out to us here, so we can provide you the correct troubleshooting steps.

i fixed it by swapping both cables

Hello there, we're glad to hear that your issue has been resolved! Enjoy your gaming experience! 🙂