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rtx 4080 and sensor error.

Level 3

short unhappy Rift S story :

upgraded to RTX 4080 two month ago.

My Rift S worked fine for 1,5 month with this new card, just one message from the Oculus app start about new card not compliant to min request (!)

Rift S sensor crashed while not in use, and just after no way to pass initial setup as sensor don't work anymore ( same issue as 10 month ago when i got my Rift S first replacement, at the time was running with rtx2070s).

tried all what support suggest and some more (usb check power management, privacy setup, antivirus setup check, drivers, app reinstall and bla bla bla)

Opened ticket, support closed ticked because card not compatible with Rift S card list yet... but stangely it workt perfectly for 1.5 month with this card, and, the issue is on cam sensor no more working.

So, please, any suggestion how to fix-check or an explaination how an out of compatibility list can freeze the sensor cam  is welcome.

Meanwhile  I will retest soon also on my friend PC that perfectly run a different producer VR.

thanks in advance,

bye from a fedup user.


Level 3

ps: I've ask to reopen the ticket as far i will complete the test on the other PC.