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run time error

hi getting this error again it seams like this is only happening on the beta home as i reinstalled oculas home software again and it worked until l enabled beta 2.0 ...:(
and on restart i get this error 

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See here:

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so you have not fixed the the download from your web site i did the patch and have been having troubles your guild says uninstall your software and reinstall it which i did released a patch and have not tired it into your full installer ??

They did, people successfully have run the installer on its own.

Are you still having issues? I can try and help if you post your logs 

Run "OculusLogGatherer.exe" by double-clicking the icon after navigating to this folder:
C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics
and upload the zip file to your post.

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i reinstalled about 12 hours ago maybe longer and as soon as i switched it to beta home i got the run time error :sweat:
did the patch and press-do it works again thanks for the help but strange i had to patch it after they have released a fix just a little embarrassing but it is the week end may they will fix it monday
as for my issues i did a hardware upgrade gtx1050 ti and anther 8gb of matched ram quick reinstall and everything works lovely again  but i was getting sensors dropping out and had to keep unplugging them so they would find the sensors again and it even managed to lose the head set but the pc case was stopping it from plugging it in so i modded the case shall i say so all all the above has been done its working great far so good 
please don't find this whiny are such just giving an end to my problem so if someone other reads this they know the out come

p.s if you still want the file ill post it but all is fine
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