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saints and sinners retribution keeps crashing

Level 2

I recently bought saints and sinners retribution but i am having very regular problems with the game crashing. 

i can get fairly far into a level and then all of a sudden it crashes. it won't be in the same place so not a regular bug. but it just freezes. 

its really putting me off playing the game as the amount of time you spending doing a specific level for you have to start it all over again due to there not being regular save points when you load into a level. 

is anyone else having this issue? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Da1boz, totally get your concern with Saint's and Sinners crashing. We want to get you back into the world of VR and point you in the right direction. This is likely an issue with the game itself, as the developers have reported crashes and significant bugs during the El Padre and Father Carter missions. You may find more detailed answers from this games developer's help center.

Level 2

yeah I've been having the same issue. when the loading screen pops up it just freezes or out of no where when I'm doing a mission it freezes then exits out the whole game. I've tried redownloading and restarting the headset but it still has the same problem. do you know if it's like a bug or something? 

It has to be, continual problems with the build that need to be fixed. There are obviously a few bugs in the game that need sorting out but right now it’s unplayable until they fix it. 

hopefully they fix it quickly. i was really enjoying playing the game even if it kept crashing. how far were you into the game?

Level 2

omg yes i have this exact same problem at it sucks because im making a yt series on retribution, and i cant finish the mission "his will be done"(father carters's mom) with out it crashing and its seriously starting to piss me off!

Level 2

Yeas I was having a crash every now and then but able to get thru now I can't get past the speakeasy crashes everytime

Level 2

me too took me 3 playthroughs to beat the level where you kill the axe man

Hiya there @obamanator! we understand how frustrating it is when a game crashes. Not to worry, its out duty to get you back on the right track. Since it seems to be an issue with the game, check out their Developers Help Center for more information about the app crash. You'll find a better remedy on there. 

Level 2

Same. It just started happening recently for me, yesterday and literally just a few minutes ago. It freezes up and goes right to the quest menu. It’s very aggravating.