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sdk 1.0

Level 3
I've been developing with sdk through to 0.8 and havn't the funds for cv1, yet but when I do, will it come with the sdk so I can integrate sdk 1.0 with my custom engine? or do I have to ask for this? thanks for any help in this.

Level 7
The 1.0 SDK came out in december last year (EDIT: To developers only, along with 1.1, 1.2, ect.) The 1.3 SDK will be released to everybody on March 28th, assuming midnight :), whether that is the time based on your own country or just east coast america IDK
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Level 3
must have not been special enough as I was in alpha testing but didn't hear of it (at least not without being able to get the hardware by having a release date title). doesn't matter though as long as I'll be able to integrate it with my engine, just wasn't sure what was happening with it - if only runtimes would be released and didn't know what was happening with sdk. thanks, 2 days then hopefully 🙂

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Volunteer Moderator

must have not been special enough as I was in alpha testing but didn't hear of it

Yeah, the regular alpha testers didn't get any of the 1.x series, just the launch title devs (hopefully some of them plugged in their old dk2s for a little testing).
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1.1 shalt thou not design for.  Neither shalt thou design for 1.2, excepting that thou then proceed to 1.3.  1.0 is right out.
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Level 3
I'd expect the new software to be released around 10am pacific time on Monday, maybe later, certainly not before.