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[solved] oculus touch activation problems in store

Level 2
Hello guys,

I've bought the Oculus Rift and although I found it great, there was something still missing so my girlfriend went out and bought the Oculus Touch (my 30th present - from Saturn in Germany). 
Everything is great, my only problem is this: I haven't received Oculus Medium, Quill and Dead and Buried for free in my library.

This is my only account that I have. Everything is up to date (Rift and Windows). Is there a way to check (using the Device Serial) if the controllers where used with another account? 
Of course she could go to the store and exchange them, but I would prefer to avoid the hassle, if possible.

Thank you very much in advance

Level 2
Hi guys,

After reading how much it takes for a ticket to get solved, I've decided to go to the store and replace the controllers.
I came straight home, reinstalled the controllers and the free games were available in my library immediatelly.

Have a great weekend y'all, I know I will !

Level 9
Oups...Saturn selling a returned item??

Level 2
Same shit happened to me today. Batteries were already inside the controllers. Bought them at german media markt. Will return them tomorrow and never buy in this store again.

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Same happened to me. Bought them from MediaMarkt in Germany. Controller with batteries inside and no free games. The seller was surprised and clueless. I will try it again from a different Store..