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Level 3



Can you please provide me with contact details to some one form support management., 

My sons Quest was send over and received by  you already in July. 

replacement should to be send to him 2 days after and we are almost 2 months after. 


you cannot really call that helpful support if you are holding to my product for over 2 months without even contacting him with an update. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @happyniceface, we definitely want to look into this further and find out what's going on with your sons replacement! We would like for you to reach out to us in a private message so we can collect information related to the replacement and get to the bottom of this! 


Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.


Can you please update me on the current status? 

would you be able to contact me through my email? 





Hi there! We would love to assist you with this! We understand you have not received an update and how that can be bothersome. At this time, we would like for you to reach to our support team here






another 4 weeks has passed and we still do not have an update as what are you planning to do. 

we wore meant to receive replacement 2 days after you receive our equipment. it has been nearly 3 months now since you have our  quest and no one can send us replacement, 

This is totally ridicules and i do not understand as to what update we are waiting for. 

this is rather simple you receive my equipment  2 days later replacement should be send to us., 

even if you have lost our equipment we and yo  have confirmation of receipt. 

if it was lost in transport you can put insurance claim. 

but regardless to what's happen you should have send us replacement. 

how can you justify 3 months with no update? 

is there anyone capable to help us? 

or you just asking people to send their equipment to you and forget about that. 

I feel like our equipment has been stolen from us and we are just victims here in crime.

in recent days no one reply to my emails either

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Level 4


gonna share this with others who interested in getting a meta oculus product



Hi did you ever get your replacement? Going through the same with them