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tearing, stuttering, only on black backgrounds, vrchat just flashing black spikes everytime.

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Hello! This is a weird one, but I'm having an issue with my new Quest 2 headset. I have it plugged into a USB 3 port, I have a 4090, and I have enough RAM not to worry about it. 
I launch vrchat, and every time I see a black texture, boom, the headset starts spiking these black lines, flashing them fast and giving me a headache, making it unplayable. This doesn't happen on vrchat when I look at it on my desktop whilst in vr, and it doesn't happen when I open Steam VR to look at my desktop, but it will continue behind my desktop in vrchat. 

I still also don't even know what settings to put it on, currently in the oculus software I have it set to the default everything, 
I usually get his message every 20 seconds:



30/05 00:44:49.013 {INFO}    [DML:HMDNormal] HMD Reporting state change: {'State':'NotDetected','IsDetected':0,'IsReady':0,'Mode':'Unknown','IsWirelessReady':0,'IsRebooting':1,'IsFirmwareOutOfDate':0}



 And the rest from the debug console is just this:



30/05 00:44:50.352 {INFO}    [ASW:FrameEstimator] Breaking promise vsync distance 10.024
30/05 00:44:50.463 {INFO}    [ASW:FrameEstimator] Breaking promise vsync distance 16.0049
30/05 00:44:50.907 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming_v2] receive ping: org 0 recv 0 xmt 2855399864378 (received at 30211887536600), offset divergence -51309
30/05 00:44:51.271 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming_v2] receive pong: org 30212250107800 recv 2855762627347 xmt 2855763529170 (received at 30212251193300), offset divergence -51309
30/05 00:44:51.271 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming_v2] new clock offset=-27356487572291 (rtt: 183677, dispersion: 42839, jitter: 354628)
30/05 00:44:51.782 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming_v2] OculusVadSharedMemoryConsumer::initializeSharedMemory: could not open mutex: The system cannot find the file specified.
30/05 00:44:51.908 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming_v2] receive ping: org 0 recv 0 xmt 2856400657763 (received at 30212888318900), offset divergence 25915
30/05 00:44:52.272 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming_v2] receive pong: org 30213252277100 recv 2856764844117 xmt 2856764896930 (received at 30213252535300), offset divergence 25915
30/05 00:44:52.272 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming_v2] new clock offset=-27356487572291 (rtt: 205387, dispersion: 44049, jitter: 342256)
30/05 00:44:52.562 {INFO}    [xrstreaming_v2] RemoteMic: NetworkMetrics: [0.098,58.558]9.877
30/05 00:44:52.908 {DEBUG}   [xrstreaming_v2] receive ping: org 0 recv 0 xmt 2857401005888 (received at 30213888631600), offset divergence 25915



on top of that, I have set the Oculus app to use my desktop headphones and earphones, not my Quest 2, and the same on VRChat and Steam VR. Now, why does it just say in the control panel in sound management that my Quest 2 headphones and microphone are being used and show 50% audio coming through? They lit up green with nothing using them. So I disabled them, but still the issue continues. 
I need a fix, please. 


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