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trigger youtube vr app from browser

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hi friends

I have a webpage that embeds VR videos from youtube. However the experience is gruesome in comparison with the youtube VR app itself. Question is: how can I open youtube VR app to play the VR video from a browser's URL? Perhaps a modifier (like mailto: in html to trigger email app). Is it possible? I am using oculus go.


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To trigger the YouTube VR app from a web browser, you can use a custom URI scheme or a deep link. By creating a hyperlink with the appropriate URL, you can prompt the YouTube VR app to open directly to a specific video.

Keep in mind that the implementation details may vary depending on the air compressor hose platform and device being used. The example provided earlier demonstrates how to trigger the YouTube VR app on Android devices using a deep link. However, the specific syntax and availability of deep links or custom URI schemes can differ across platforms and applications. 

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Some apps support deep linking, where you can provide a specific URL scheme that, when clicked, will open the app if it's installed on the user's device. However, this depends on whether the app (YouTube VR in this case) has exposed such deep linking capabilities. You could search for information related to deep linking for the YouTube VR app or look into app documentation or developer resources.  WebVR and WebXR are web standards that allow for virtual reality experiences to be created and accessed directly from web browsers. However, this requires the website itself to provide the VR experience. It won't directly launch the YouTube VR app. ..

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