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usb update mode loop in quest 3

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i just got this issue last Thursday. search a lot of related information online, and found it was just a common issue since 2019. 

the fact is when i turn on my quest 3, it just jump to usb update mode. no matter i choose boot device, factory reset, sideload update, it just reboot the device and then jump to usb update mode again. if i choose power off, it will turn on again and stuck here while i try to charge my quest3. 

does it mean my quest 3 system was wiped out and only need to return it to meta for a fix?

did anyone even solve this successfully before? appreciate for any answers. 

Latest update on Feb/21/2024, thanks for all answers here. Finally, i contacted Amazon for a replacement. They got a very nice after-sale service. even i bought this for 2 months, they just asked me to deliever my faulty one back and sent me a brand new one immediately and i got it on the second day. 


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Another victim here.

Good morning friend, could you teach us how to do this?

good day friend! How do you charge it to the glasses, using which software?

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this is just unnaceptable from meta, it's a very expensive device , just a few months old and it's already useless, honestly this makes me lose hope in FB / meta when it comes to VR, maybe other companies will pick it up and do a better job, you just scammed me 

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I also have the issue.

Last successful step of the initial setup after being freshly bought this very day : Connecting to wifi manually to my router.


I have tried these solutions :

- Factory Reset then try with a phone's wifi hotspot (same issue)

- Sideload update with the official tool (It found the device, but once picked, last step says the quest 3 I have is not supported)


The support has already been contacted on my side.

I am having the exact same problem... been stuck in the "Applying software update..." boot loop for the whole 6 hours since I have received my brand new Quest 3. Seems like a lot of people have this issue... Can we get some official words on what to do or expect. If its a service side issue, can Meta at least admit that and tell us to just wait...

For transparency, I have been with them in this website's private messages, and now over email once the private messages ended. I've been giving them information but I have yet to get an answer on the course of action.

They ask for the serial number of both the headset and the box of the headset, shipping address, and an email to receive "labels" on, so I think they're planning on doing an exchange. They also ask for the receipt of when you bought the quest 3, so getting all these information ready could be useful.


Regarding the fixes we can do user-side, I've done the factory-reset, using different wifi sources, connecting to wifi via the app, sideloading the update from the official tool to update via USB C on a PC. Nothing worked and the issue remains the same.

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The same, my headset stuck in USB Update mode, and Meta said that I need to send it to US. But I live in Brazil, and can't do it easily. They don't offer any other options except that, extremely annoying

Hey @xiting We see that you sent us a PM, and we are excited to work with you over there. Let's see what we can do together!

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Just FYI, @MetaQuestSupport replied that "original" buyer of their headset already had disputed the purchase of the headset with their financial institution, and my headset is not under the warranty. The thing is - I'm original and first buyer of that headset, and I didn't dispute it with my financial institution.  So, Meta tries to scam me or what? 

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