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v56+ 360 3D Video Viewing


Since the last time I dove into my 360 3D project, there's been a few changes that I need help navigating. I've searched through the Quest Release Notes, but didn't see these changes mentioned anywhere.

When I go to Quest TV > Your Media I am able to play my videos, but they are labeled "Video" and default to a 2D projection. I can go in and change the projection to "360 3D", after which the videos are labeled "VR Video." 

This is annoying, but workable to videos of a decent length, but this is infuriating since I have a few clips that I use for testing purposes. I have to immediately hope I can hit pause and switch the projection before the clip exits back to the menu.

Is there now a way to ensure my video launches in the 360 3D format by default? 



Just went to take a look - yep, I'm angry at this one too - that's ridiculous!

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey guys! After digging deeper, I have discovered there is no way to default the projection setting for your videos. Since this is such a great idea though, I'd love if you put this up in our ideas area here. Hopefully the team will see it and be able to bring it in as a feature in a future update. 

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

Hi @TheAntiSocializer  was going to do that this morning after calming down.

You say there is no way to default the projection setting but I think yiucoolob's point was that 360 videos did default to the correct setting until very recently.

@yiucoolob  I'll create a post on the Ideas section now and tag you in it.

Ah okay understood, thank you for the clarification.

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

Yes, as @Hiro_Protag0nist mentioned, video viewing defaulted to the correct projection until recently. Now, the workflow for any video is: 

  1. Open video
  2. Pull up video controls with Oculus button
  3. Go to video settings > 3D 360
  4. This opens up the 360 3D video, but keeps the video settings panel open. It also messes up the centering of the video for some reason.
  5. THAT makes the best course of action closing the video using the "close" button on the video panel. 
  6. At this point, your video is correctly labeled as VR 360 and will open as such when you click on it in the future.

The 3D 360 videos used to just open and play correctly, with the option to tweak the projection if needed. To go from that to the sequence is really rough.