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walking dead saints and sinners retribution help

Level 2

So, i wanted to know if all of this is me or everyone is getting this.

The game textures fail to load, and everything looks pastel colors.

When i put rifles and shotguns to display they shrink.

Characters like the ones on the reserve are not the correct way, like sitting looking to a wall ect.

Game lags from time to time.

Punching gloves think i am hitting when i am picking something up or opening doors.

Walkers appearing from air in front of me and back.

Things in the world just popping in as you get close.

Transfer my save from the first one and some things are missing like the dark angel statue i got at the end of aftershock.




Level 2

Can confirm guns shrink on racks. I think the characters in the reserve don't really "activate" until you get to their missions. I have heard similar about the dark angel statue but I found one in the graveyard on a clean playthrough (no save import). 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh-oh! Walking Dead is having issues? This is not the experience we want you to have with us and would be more than happy to provide you with the help you deserve. As this is not what we want for you and want to make sure your experience with Walking Dead is spectacular we will need you to get connected with the Developer. Please click here to send them a email and you can also find them in their Social Media! 


Facebook: @SkydanceMedia 
Instagram: @SkyDance

Twitter: @SkyDance


We hope this helps and meanwhile we have other awesome games that you can enjoy of your taste!