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weird noise pixel showing on the right side of the left eye when gaming


So, today, I was playing Dungeons of Eternity with a friend. Everything was fine, and has been fine, til we got to the last of 4 dungeons we played. I noticed any time I moved my head slightly, I was starting to get some weird noise pixelation showing up on one of the screens, my left eye. It went on for about 15 minutes but then it finally went away before I got off of the headset, but... any reason for this to happen? I just hope my headset isnt trying to die on me. Sadly, I was not able to capture a screenshot of the issue while it was happening


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there @JetStromfield! It seems like you've encountered a pretty interesting bug. Have you managed to reproduce it yet? Also, could you let me know what device you're using and whether you're playing on standalone or PC VR?

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I was playing standalone, on the quest 2. I have not been able to reproduce this just yet. I'm gonna try again today and see if the issue occurs again. So far, this has only happened while playing Dungeons of Eternity.

well, so far, yesterday I was never able to recreate the issue. I wonder if it was an issue with the game, itself, rather than a headset issue, because I played a few others for an hour and did not have the static/pixel noise flickering I was getting before when playing Dungeons of Eternity, the other day.

If you ever come across that weird bug in the game again, make sure to report it in-game and try to capture a screenshot if possible!

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