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what do i do to fix this? and when I launch the cable it says general device problem, what do i do

Level 3

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Level 3
When I go into the Device section and click Pair New Device, it only shows me "Gamepad" and not the controllers, what do i do to fix this? and when I launch the cable it says general device problem, what do i do to fix this as well

Hey Roei2010! Seems like quite the issues you're having when trying to use Oculus Link. We'd love to lend a hand and provide some help!


We took the liberty to list some different  steps that should help you out right below.


  • Try updating your drivers or Windows 10 version.
  • Attempt a clean install of Oculus Home:
    1. Disconnect your computer from the internet.
    2. Backup any necessary content.
    3. Reboot into Safe Mode.
    4. Uninstall Oculus Home using the Control Panel.
    5. Delete all Oculus folders from the following folder:
      • C:\Program Files
    6. Remove any Oculus folders from the following locations:
      • C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData
      • C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\Local
      • C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\LocalLow
      • C:\Users\YourUserProfile\AppData\Roaming
      • C:\OculusSetup-DownloadCache
    7. Restart your computer in normal mode.
    8. Reconnect your computer to the internet.
    9. Install Oculus Home again using the setup tool from our website here.
    10. Run Oculus Home as Administrator.


Also, just to confirm. Would the controller issue only happen when using Link? Or do they also have trouble pairing standalone? Does the headset work properly when standalone as well?


Can't wait to hear back! 

Hey there Roei2010, just reaching out to see if any of the steps beforehand seemed to help. 


If not, don't worry. Just reach back out and we'd love to provided some more steps! 

I did all those steps, now what?


Personally, mine does that a lot...i have to unplug, and plug back in...shut down the oculus PC app and reopen...sometimes turn off the headset and power it back on...and at some point it'll detect it as USB3.0 and it'll be okay,,,it's annoying but mine always end up have to go to the USB test in the PC app...and run it...if it wont work...turn off the app and unplug your headset...repoen the app and go back to USB test and plug your quest 2 again and try...if this wont work...redo it but this time power cycle the quest as well...untill you see it connect with USB of course your link cable must be compatible with the quest and your motherboard must have USB 3.0 drivers and chipset drivers installed (which it probably has already win10 is great with those usually) good luck!




If only the oculus team was honest i'm SURE they know about all those bugs but they are too lazy to fix them.