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why Fall frights sale is empty for me?

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I already logged in but it's showing nothing for me. Do you get any sales?

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 8.28.46 PM.png


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Same here what kind of garbage is this!?

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Having the same problem, neither deals or bundles are showing up too, while logged in.

Firefox browser, Android app and inside the Quest 3. No deals.

Can see them now without being logged in.

Support only told me to check my VPN, not using any...

Some people at reddit share the same experience.

Am from Germany and created this Account with my Quest 3 purchase.

Maybe after my WELCOME25 coupon is gone?

So now I'm sticking with Steam, can't be in their interest.

Some reddit threads: 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there everyone! I was just passing by and saw this experience you're currently having. Not sure if this issue persist if so let me know to get a better look into this! 

We are all mad here.

we need to go back in time as the promotion is already ended.

My apologize I just wanted to make sure if it was only with that promotion or overall!

We are all mad here.

Hello Alice,

seems to be solved, as I can see all the Black Friday deals.

But till now I really didn't receive any sales, couldn't even see bundles. Only offers I had were preorders.

Maybe it really had something to do with being a fresh account?

Awesome! I am glad you were able to get this solved! And to be honest it might just be that. It takes time for new accounts to get caught up with discounts/promo notifications! 

We are all mad here.