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why us my oculus stuck on a black screen

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i was playing rec room last night when i disconnected due to internet issues and i took off my head set to quickly check my internet when i accidently dropped it i picked it up to see if it was ok and then boom black screen and i cant do anything, i held down the power button to reset and it shows me the prompt to reset it but i cant do anything and the screen follows wherever i look, i even factory reset it, held the power button for 30 seconds and at one point more than a minute to no avail. im stuck and i dont know what to do, I bought it off amazon and i cant return it because i didnt realize when i bought it but i bought it off a third party seller

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A warranty covers manufacturing defects. But you broke it.

You could try to get it repaired, but I don't think Oculus sell spare parts. You'll probably have to buy another one.