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wired keyboard works in quest apps but not workrooms.

I've connected my 2.4ghz keyboard to my quest using a usb c hub, and I'm able to use it to type without any issues in the quest 3 browser etc.  My problem is that in workrooms I'm unable use the keyboard.  If the quest is able to use my keyboard successfully in all apps, shouldn't it also work in workrooms?


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Ok, so no solution then currently, it's not possible to use a keyboard with this remote desktop app, you have to sit at the computer you're remotely connecting to 🤨 👍

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand the importance of being able to use your keyboard in Workrooms, and we would love to inform you that although you may have your 2.4 GHz keyboard connected to your Meta Quest 3 using a USB C hub and working just fine on certain apps and features, it could not always be recognized by Meta Horizon Workrooms itself. 

To learn more about using your keyboard in VR in Meta Horizon Workrooms, click here, and to see the different types of supported keyboards, please click here.

We hope we were able to clarify the questions you were having. Please feel free to reach out to us again if you come across any other questions!

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Hi, I think you may have misunderstood, because the link you've given me is about supported tracked keyboards (that's where a virtual keyboard is shown to represent the real one).  All keyboards work with passthrough (*should work)

I'm just talking about keypresses.  Seems to be a bug with workrooms, because the keyboard is working with all meta apps on the quest except workrooms, and shows up as a keyboard in the connected device menu.  Unfortunately the keyboards connected to the headset don't currently work with Workrooms or Remote Desktop, it's sad I know -- the best solution at the moment is to get a Bluetooth keyboard that has multidevice support and then you can toggle between devices to get the same keyboard working with the headset, keyboard and mouse.  The MX series from Logitech both keyboard and mouse work this way but there are other more affordable multidevice keyboard and mice as well you can explore.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I don't know if there will be support in the future for this but I hope so!

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Hi Nathan, thanks for the response.  I've just tried connecting my mx master mouse via bluetooth.  I still have the same problem unfortunately, the mouse functions in all meta apps except workrooms.

I guess workrooms is just unable to send mouse and keyboard inputs to the remote desktop app on the computer.

It's a bit surprising Meta hasn't been able to achieve this, especially when you consider the sole developer of virtual desktop was able to do so years ago.

ps, it's not possible to post to the feature request board:



Hello! Thank you for bringing your update to our attention! However, keyboard tracking was recently removed from Workrooms. You can also learn more about Horizon Workroom changes here, and you can share your thoughts on our ideas blog. Our developers are always looking for ways to improve our systems! 

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My question isn't about keyboard tracking (I've already clarified this above).

Thanks for the swift response! We know this has been a puzzling issue with the connected keyboard input not being reflected by the remote desktop app on the computer. Just as @NathanSudo stated keyboards connected to the headset don't currently work with Workrooms or Remote Desktop. There has not been any further update on if this will feature in the future. We hope this information has been useful to you. Please don't hesitate to reach back out to us if you have any other concerns or questions. We appreciate you being the most important part of our VR community. Have a legendary rest of your day!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!  Sorry you were having trouble logging in, it seems they were having some problems with the social logins -- especially if you are logging in via a mobile inside the FB app browser, if you can try logging in directly to the site via a regular browser it should work now, sorry I had to look into this with the Canny team!  Try going to directly in the browser, hope that works!

You are right, the MX keyboard and mouse work for everything but Workrooms at this point unfortunately -- I hope they do support this in the near future because it would be very helpful.  What I do is switch between devices using the multi-device support, not ideal but you can toggle to control the device you are using in Remote Desktop by switching between the devices using the 1,2,3 menu on both the keyboard and mouse.   This is how I have mine setup.   Hope that helps!

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