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Known Issues and Bugs Being Investigated/Worked On

Retired Support

Known Issues and Bugs Being Investigated/Worked On


We’ve heard loud and clear about the bugs that you’ve all been submitting to the UserVoice and to the bugs-discussion channel in Discord. (If you’re not in the Discord, you should be. Use this link:

We have compiled a list of these to confirm that we know about them and they are currently being investigated and worked on. We will continue to update the UserVoice, the FB Page and group, and the Discord #horizon-status and #announcement channels with updates on these. As things get fixed, you’ll see us mention them in the release notes. 


As always, please keep the feedback and bug reports coming and we appreciate all of you.

The following bugs have been resolved as of v57

Thanks for all of your reports of these issues in Uservoice! We appreciate your reports and feedback. Please let us know if you are experiencing other issues by reporting these in UserVoice. (


  • People stuck on blue loading screen and are unable to travel
  • We’ve made some audio adjustments to improve your experience including sound gizmos now triggering when scripted. 
  • We’ve fixed the issue in which clicking on the Worlds tab in the menu resulted in freezing.

Bugs still being worked on

[BUG] Inconsistent rendering of objects (objects appear torn or different per player)


[BUG] Friends list is not loading or is inaccurate


[BUG] Wrist menu locks up


[BUG] Notifications disappear in build mode

[BUG] Colliders are different in build mode


[BUG] People don’t see the low battery warning


[BUG] Leaderboards don’t render for the first person who appears

[BUG] Users are unable to use join button under People Tab

[BUG] Doffing the headset while in the loading screen during a party travel will send the user back to Personal Space instead of the designated destination

[BUG] The Party Travel confirmation prompt becomes non functional after doffing your headset and loading back into the instance

[BUG] Returning to Personal Space through PUI puts the user in a brief headlock before they travel

[BUG] Photocard can only be grabbed by one user

[BUG] User crashes when attempting to travel to a friend while in a party from their own unpublished world

[BUG] Party Talk Mode Toasts do not appear when toggling between Party Talk Modes after traveling to a new instance

[BUG] Grabbable objects do not collide with each other properly when held

[BUG] New NUX referencing welcome world

[BUG] Code blocks don’t insert after dragging


[BUG] Grab lock in build mode


[BUG] Creators cannot remove whitespace from the end of text


[BUG] Moving the cursor in text boxes often inserts text instead or can’t move it


[BUG] Scrolling to the front of a textbox in build most is really hard


[BUG] The keyboard regularly puts in the wrong key (because of droop-cast)

[BUG] Clicking to move the cursor often selects text instead

[BUG] Persistent variables don’t store floats (and no error)


[BUG] Error messages don’t say which object or event they were in


[BUG] Pop-ups have no backgrounds


[BUG] Head lock in build mode


[BUG] Connection wires in build mode don’t line up with variables in panels