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Let the #POPMJam Begin!

Retired Support

Our next creator competition starts today in Horizon Worlds! This Physics Objects and Player Movement (#POPMJam) based competition will run through August 31 at 11:59 PM PT. Check out the details below, including info on the number of winners, special awards, and prizing structure (TL;DR -  a total of up to $150,000* is up for grabs!).  


Join this competition to showcase your skills by building a full world or game using at least one of the new interaction features: Physical hands, Weight Simulation of Held Objects, Player Movement Codeblocks. 


To ensure we are inclusive of our diverse types of creators, submissions can be full world experiences or games that bring people together and encourage connectedness.


The competition starts today, June 23 and runs through the end of August 31. The rules around entering the competition solo or as a team remain the same (aka either works as long as you only submit one world or game yourself!), so jump in and get building! 


Ready to go? Check out the Creators Competition Hub located in Horizon Worlds. This will be the central space for you to learn more about the competition, meet other participants in the competition, and connect with collaborators.


Creator Competitions Hub:


Want more details? Take a closer look below:

Who? Anyone in the US, UK or Canada (excluding Quebec) with access to Horizon Worlds who is interested in creating a spring-themed world or game. 

What? The #POPMJam will be focused on creating a new world or game utilizing one or more of the following new Interaction Patterns: Physical hands, Weight Simulation of Held Objects, Player Movement Codeblocks


Prize structure:

1st place: $20,000

2nd place: $15,000

3rd place: $10,000

Up to 16 Special Awards (up to 2 winners per category): $5,000 each

Up to 10 honorable mentions: $2,500 each

Total Prizes: $150,000


The team representative of the winning world who enters the submission via the official Google form will receive a cash prize, with distribution of prize money to collaborators left up to their discretion.



Competition starts TODAY - June 23, 2022

Submissions must be in by August 31 at 11:59 PM PT.


Horizon Worlds… where else?!


Submission Requirements

Entries must be a world or game built within Horizon Worlds that utilizes at least one of the following interaction features as part of the central focus of the experience:

  • “Physical Hands,” which is a feature that allows players to push, tap, flip and punch in-world physics objects directly using their avatar hands by direct physical contact with virtual objects;
  • “Weight Simulation of Held Objects,” which is a feature that enables creation of heavy feeling objects which actually weigh down players’ hands and behave with realistic momentum when swung; or 
  • Player movement code blocks, which enable the creation of custom scripted locomotion mechanics like flying or climbing using either animated “moveTo/moveBy” actions or physics based “setVelocity/addVelocity” actions


Entries must include at least one asset from the new set of recently released interactive assets which can be found in the ’Featured’ section of the Horizon Asset Library. These assets can be used as is with gameplay built around them (e.g. by adding objectives/scoring) or they can be edited to adjust behaviors (e.g. made bigger/smaller, changing physical properties) to better fit a world’s intended gameplay. They can also be completely remixed to have new and improved functionality added as long as at least one of these assets was used as the foundation that Entrant built the Asset out of, somewhere in the world:

  • Physics Interfaces (button, toggle, keypad, slider, wheel) 
  • Punching Targets (punching bag, double end bag, reflex bag)
  • Buoyancy (water, toy boat) 
  • Hitting Weapons (swords, hammers, flails)
  • Hitting Tools (hammer & nail, pickaxe  and block, spatula and grill)
  • Hitting Sports (golf club, paddle, bat)

  • Entries must be entirely in the English language or include English subtitles.
    Content must be original to each Entrant (or include content that is in the public domain or that is provided to Entrant by Sponsor for use in the Contest) and must not otherwise include or reference the intellectual property (e.g., characters, music, sounds, logos, symbols, trademarked names and objects, “look and feel”) of any other person or entity.  In addition to the foregoing, Content may not infringe upon the rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, of any third parties.  Except as otherwise required herein in relation to members of a Team, no other person or entity besides Entrant or Sponsor may have rights to any Content.
  • Content may include assets from the Horizon Asset Library that are owned, distributed by, and attributed to Sponsor, but may not include third party assets.
  • Submission must be an original creation of the creator (or include content that is in the public domain or that is provided to the creator by Meta for use in the Contest) and must not otherwise include or reference the intellectual property (e.g., characters, music, sounds, logos, symbols, trademarked names and objects, “look and feel”) of any other person or entity. 
  • Submission must be unpublished in Horizon prior to being submitted as part of the Contest unless the “Visible to Public” feature in the Horizon publishing tool is toggled off, and may not have been entered into any other contest, sweepstakes, promotion, or competition by you.
  • See Competition Terms and Conditions for additional submission criteria.


Submission instructions

  • Publish your world and select the world tag #POPMJam
  • Submit your world to this form (, including:
  • The category that best describes your submission: Game or Hangout World
  • Which Interaction Pattern(s) were included: Physical hands, Weight Simulation of Held Objects, or Player Movement Codeblocks
  • A short written description of your submission (up to 500 words) including what inspired you, how to play your game (if applicable), how many people your world / game can accommodate, and who you think this will appeal to;
  • Attach a video (<5 minutes) showing us around your world or playing your game. The videos must be publicly viewable without requirement to enter a password.
  • Usernames and email address of the Entrant(s) (either the individual creator or each member of the Team; in the event of a Team entry, the Representative will be considered the person who submits the form)
  • World must be set to be discoverable.
  • Make sure to publish your world and submit via the form before the deadline of August 31, 2022. Worlds that have been updated or republished after the deadline will be disqualified.


For Official Rules, please click here:


Please note: By using the competition tag (#POPMJam) on your world and/or submitting via the form, you accept our Official Rules.


*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Begins 10:00 AM PST on 6/23/2022; Ends 11:59:59PM PST on 8/31/2022. Open to legal res. of 50 US/D.C., CA (minus Quebec), and the UK and at least 18 and age of majority.  To enter, Horizon users must publish an asset in Horizon Worlds and submit their asset via the submission form as set forth in the full rules. Total ARV of all prizes, up to $150,000.  See OFFICIAL RULES here for additional eligibility restrictions, prize descriptions and complete details. Void where prohibited.  Sponsor: Meta Platforms, Inc., 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025.