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Retired Support

Q. What is the Competition Series?

A. The is a series of creator competitions to reward creators that are building the very best games, worlds, and mechanics in Horizon Worlds


Q. What are the prizes?

A. 1st place: $20,000

2nd place: $15,000

3rd place: $10,000

Up to 16 Special Awards (up to 2 winners per category): $5,000 each

Up to 10 honorable mentions: $2,500 each

Total Prizes: $150,000


Q. May I work with a partner or team?

A. You have the option to collaborate with up to 9 other people (for a team size of 10), on as many separate entries as you want, but we are only allowing one submission per creator; in other words, you can only submit one entry yourself. Prizes will be paid out to the creator that submitted via the form, to distribute to collaborators at their discretion.


Q What are the important dates to keep in mind?

A. Start Date: Jun 23, 2022


End Date: Aug 31, 2022

Judging takes place: Week of Sept 12

Winners announced:  Week of Sept 26


Q. Where can I go if I have questions about creating a mechanic for this challenge?

A. Please post your question to the Horizon Worlds Facebook Page or Horizon Worlds Community Group under the launch announcement, or Meta Horizon Creators Discord under the #POPJam Channel.

Additionally, we have built the Creator Competitions Hub with all of the details of the competition and as a space to meetup with collaborators and/or other participants in the competition. 

Q. How will the #POPMJam winners be determined?

A. Entries will be evaluated based on the criteria listed in the Official Rules (Design & Functionality, New & Innovative, Social, Replayability, as well as additional special awards categories) by a panel of experts from the Horizon team.


Q. Who will be the judges for this competition? 

A. Several of the Horizon Worlds team members will be reviewing all entries.