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V53 Release notes

Retired Support


  • Pilot Program - In-World Purchases:

    • We're rolling out a test with a handful of creators that will enable sales of virtual items and effects within their worlds. Buying items in Horizon Worlds is available to people 18+ in the United States and Canada where Horizon Worlds is currently available. For now, the items you purchase will be available to use only in the worlds where you purchase them. Creators selling items will see a Commerce tab and gizmo when they're in Create mode that lets them create purchasable items. When a user interacts with the item, they will have an option to purchase the item, and use it right away.




  • PvP Template

    • We’re introducing a new template for our super popular game Arena Clash so that you can create a competitive game of your own. You can access the PvP template under "Scripting Environments,” when selecting “create new world” in the create section of your personal menu.
    • Play the latest version of Arena Clash to check out some new creation features in action, such as per player object visibility, custom pop-ups, and billboarding. All of these features are included in the new PvP template.




Per-Player Object Visibility:

Control Object Visibility Per Player

We're adding the ability to set objects to be only visible to specific players in 

world. This is useful for adding personal or team-based visuals that don't distract others in the world (e.g., personal UIs or HUDs or screen effects). Check out the Arena Clash update to see examples of this feature.


You can control object visibility via 3 new code blocks:

  • "Set who is allowed to view object": This accepts either a single player or a list of players and results in that object only being visible to the given players.
  • "Reset who is allowed to view object": This disables the feature and makes the object visible to all players again.
  • "Get who is allowed to view object": Returns true if the user has local visibility enabled for this object, false otherwise.

A couple of things to note when using this:

  • The "visible" property on an object still needs to be on for an object to be visible to any player.
  • Using "get who is allowed to view object" in a script immediately after changing the set of players will not return the correct update value. We're working on improving this for a future release and suggest implementing a scripted delay if you need to do this.
    Creation tools 
    Is Player in Build Mode Codeblock: We're adding a helper code block to make it easier to test and iterate worlds with player scripts. This is useful for preventing player script logic from unintentionally running when you're building and not previewing. This code block returns true if a player is in build mode and false if a player is in preview mode. This codeblock only applies when editing a world. When visiting a published world, this codeblock will return false for all players.




Bug fixes

    • We’ve fixed the issue in which grab action was locked when in build mode.  Thanks for all of your reports of this issue in Uservoice! We appreciate your reports and feedback. 



  • [Arena Clash] Pistol doesn't assign to a player and is visible in debug position.
  • [Arena Clash] Player's pistol flies away and looks unstable after visiting an existing instance and waiting for a few minutes.