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V54 Release Notes 


PvP Template

We’re introducing a new template for our popular game Arena Clash so that you can create a competitive game of your own. You can access the PvP template under "Scripting Environments,” when selecting “New World” in the create section of your personal menu. Play the latest version of Arena Clash to check out some new creation features in action, such as per player object visibility, custom pop-ups, and billboarding. All of these features are included in the new PvP template.

Improved Gameplay from spring physics

We’ve made an adjustment to the spring push and spring spin codeblocks that fixes the input scaling of the spring factor. Additionally, we changed the ability to toggle in what axes damping occurs and updated the wording of the codeblocks to better explain each parameter.

  • The new per axis toggle allows users to choose whether to damp along the direction of the spring to emulate more physically consistent spring forces (false), or if you want to damp along all axes independently for smooth following behavior (true)
  • This has been implemented as a new set of codeblocks. Worlds using the previous codeblocks should work, but if you want to upgrade to the new version, you'll need to update the following:
    • Spring factor: To have equivalent behavior, square the number you were using previously.
    • Per Axis: For equivalent behavior, set this to true.


We started a slow roll out of our first version of assets. A very few of you will see this, and we expect more of you to have it over the next several weeks. Creators will be able to easily retrieve, use, and customize a limited set of pre-made assets across their worlds. While we are testing the early version of Assets, we expect to learn more about what kinds of assets will be most useful to creators going forward. We are really excited about giving creators an easier way to build worlds without always starting from scratch.



World Creator - Temporary Remove Feature

We’re launching a new feature that allows creators to temporarily remove disruptive people from their worlds. The feature will be available to the world’s owners and collaborators from the PUI Nearby tab and will remove a user from the world for 2 hours.


  • World creators - The world creator and collaborators have a new 'Remove' option for other people in the world, which they can see in the PUI. 
  • Removed person - The person who was removed from the world will  get a message letting them know they have been removed by the creator and is placed in their personal space. The user can’t rejoin any instance of that world for the next 2 hours. Others in the world are not informed if someone was removed by the world creators.