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V59 Release Notes

Retired Support


In-World Purchase Updates

We are rolling out an expansion to in-world purchases to give creators the option to sell consumable items. Consumable items are items that can be purchased and used one time immediately after purchase. To date, items were durables (can be bought only once) but with consumables creators will be able to sell a range of new products in their worlds. With this iteration of consumables, the purchased items are also used once the purchase is completed.


Creator Tools - Custom locomotion

We’ve added code blocks that enable you to script player movement mechanics - for example, flying, climbing, jump pads, or grappling hooks. We’re also changing the lower bound of custom player gravity to 0 so you can turn off gravity while custom scripted mechanics are active. To enable these code blocks, toggle on Custom Player Manipulation under worlds settings in your creator menu.


  • Move player to position

    • Sets the position of the player to the specified position
    • This works like an instant “teleport”



  • Move player by offset

    • Sets the position of the player to the sum of their current position and the specified offset
    • Also works like an instant “teleport”



  • Set player physical velocity

    • Sets the physical velocity of the player to the specified velocity



  • Add player physical velocity

    • Sets the physical velocity of the player to the sum of their current physical velocity and the specified change



  • Get player physical velocity


    • Returns the player's current physical velocity
    • Moving with the analog stick does not result in horizontal physical velocity
    • Jumping does result in vertical physical velocity

Check out these FAQs for more details on these new code blocks. We can’t wait to see what you invent!


Creator Tools - Collision Audio Improvements

We've now added the ability to play sounds when two objects collide. In the property panel of an object, players can now set the "Physics Audio Material" (i.e. ceramic, wood, metal, etc.) for a sound to play when that object collides with another object.


Batch Editing 

While editing multiple objects at once, creators can now change their attached script.

Community Guides - Educational Warnings

Community guides will be able to send educational warnings to people who are being disruptive or behaving inappropriately in the plaza, before they're removed.



Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been resolved. Thanks for all of your reports of these issues in Uservoice! We appreciate your reports and feedback. Please let us know if you are experiencing other issues by reporting these in UserVoice. (

  • Event screen showing past events
  • Inconsistent rendering of objects (Objects appear torn or different per player)
  • Unable to send invites to Events
  • When trying to delete a world, the world does not appear to delete  
  • Background not rendering on pop-ups